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Kindergarten bento – Wakame rice (13/Mar/17)

Menu: Wakame rice (with jako fish & sesame), Stewed veggies & chicken, Boiled broccoli, Boiled egg, Cherry tomato

Apple & banana for dessert

Wakame is one of many different  seaweeds we eat in Japan, and one of most popular ones. The wakame  I used today comes in a package dried and seasoned with salt, so all you need to do is to quickly mix a sprinkle of it into freshly cooked rice. I added jako fish and sesame for extra taste, nutrition and colour. 

This is the one I used

Kindergarten bento – Miffi nori seaweed (15/Sep/16)

Menu: Sauté chicken, Boiled green beans, Tomatoes, Pumpkin & egg salad, Rice with Miffi shaped nori seaweed

Western pear (as oppose to Japanese ‘nashi’ pear) for dessert

Just in case anyone is wondering, I did not cut out the shape of Miffi on a piece of nori seaweed. We can buy these that are pre-cut (in shapes of Miffi, Mickey Mouse, Thomas the tank engine, Ampanman…). Very useful, but it may get soggy and look squashed and wrinkled when opening the lid… Due to the moisture kept in the bento box as I didn’t have time to fully cool down the rice… Oh well it at least looks nice in the picture here 😉

Kindergarten bento –  Disappeared seaweed (5/Sep/16)

Menu: Shirasu (small sardine) on rice with thinly cut nori seaweed strings (disappeared), Chicken/daikon/carrot/pound fish nimono (simmered), Spinach & bacon sauté, Boiled egg

Japanese “kyoho” grapes for dessert

While I was applying the sun block on our daughter’s face on our way out to school in the morning, I suddenly remembered that I had totally forgotten to take a picture of her bento. I asked my husband, who seemed to have some free hands, to quickly unwrap the bento and take some photos with my iPhone (which he did submissively, sensing my urgency I suppose, which was a little surprise for me as I thought he’d wave me off). 

Later, looking at the images he took, I realised that the nori seaweed sprinkles I carefully laid out on top of the shirasu & rice had completely disappeared except for the 3 strings… I put at least 20 of them… Dah, they must have gotten stuck on the back of the lid! 

I should be a bit more careful going forward on the height of the contents I put in… After our daughter came home I opened the (almost) empty bento box, and unavoidably and expectedly found all the squashed nori strings on the back of its lid… If her teacher Miss N saw it, I’m sure it brought her a smile. It’s a sign of mother’s love, trying her very best to help her child grow by stuffing so much food that just wouldn’t fit in a teeny tiny bento box. 

bento for the little one (hijiki – 18 jan 16)

new year’s resolution: post bento images as much as possible.

today’s menu: hijiki (cooked hijiki sea weed with chicken & carrots), tamago (omelet), cherry tomatoes, broccoli & rice with sesame seasoning

homemade apple mousse and diced banana for dessert

hijiki is full in mineral and iron. Very good for kids.



dried hijiki – fistful (lightly rinse, soak in water for 15 min, drained)

1 small carrot (sliced in julienne)

100g chicen thigh (cut into small pieces)

1 tbsp oil

2 tbsp sake

2 – 5 tbsp water

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 1/2 tbsp sugar


1.in a medium sized frying pan, put oil and stir fry chicken and carrots in medium heat for 3 minutes or so

2. add sake and fry further until carrots are soft

3. add hijiki, stir fry further. add water as required so the hijiki keeps moist

4. once hijiki is tender, add soy sauce and sugar, stir a bit and turn off the heat.