Kindergarten bento –  Disappeared seaweed (5/Sep/16)

Menu: Shirasu (small sardine) on rice with thinly cut nori seaweed strings (disappeared), Chicken/daikon/carrot/pound fish nimono (simmered), Spinach & bacon sauté, Boiled egg

Japanese “kyoho” grapes for dessert

While I was applying the sun block on our daughter’s face on our way out to school in the morning, I suddenly remembered that I had totally forgotten to take a picture of her bento. I asked my husband, who seemed to have some free hands, to quickly unwrap the bento and take some photos with my iPhone (which he did submissively, sensing my urgency I suppose, which was a little surprise for me as I thought he’d wave me off). 

Later, looking at the images he took, I realised that the nori seaweed sprinkles I carefully laid out on top of the shirasu & rice had completely disappeared except for the 3 strings… I put at least 20 of them… Dah, they must have gotten stuck on the back of the lid! 

I should be a bit more careful going forward on the height of the contents I put in… After our daughter came home I opened the (almost) empty bento box, and unavoidably and expectedly found all the squashed nori strings on the back of its lid… If her teacher Miss N saw it, I’m sure it brought her a smile. It’s a sign of mother’s love, trying her very best to help her child grow by stuffing so much food that just wouldn’t fit in a teeny tiny bento box. 

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