Off sick day bento (6/Sep/16)

Our daughter got some fever and coughs after going swimming on Monday. I thought it was due to some fatigue, but her temperature did not go down in the morning unfortunately. She must stay home, but I’ve got some problem. I go to this kimono lesson on Tuesdays while she’s at school, and it happened to be the finalM lesson of the current course when the instructor hands out the completion certificate. I wanted to go, and our poor girl seemed ok despite the fever, so I called my dad, who is now retired and studying for the license for a real estate specialist (don’t ask why), for a help. Luckily he was available to look after our girl for a few hours, so I made bento for both of them so that they could eat the packed lunches while I’m gone.

Menu: Grilled salmon (marinated in shio-koji) rice, Coleslaw, Spinach omelet, Cherry tomato

Grape jelly for dessert

My dad ate it all, but my sick girl didn’t touch anything… except for the jelly, which I didn’t prepare… That’s how it goes in life, isn’t it?

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