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Kindergarten bento – After off sick day bento (Tuesday, 22/May/18)

My daughter was a bit sick on Sunday night and woke up from her sleep, which coincided my bedtime (hallelujah). It seems she has this reflux problem especially after she eats greasy food or too much food. This time it was the latter, and the poor girl could not go back to sleep for a few hours (and me either). She was still quite exhausted the following morning, and I decided to keep her home for the day to monitor her, and luckily I didn’t have any translation assignment to work on.

As such, there was no need to make bento on Monday. Instead, I took her to the pediatrician for a checkup just in case, since this was the second time this had happened within the past two weeks. As expected, it turned out there was nothing seriously wrong, maybe just a minor tummy issue. Nevertheless I was glad to hear it from the expert.

For the entire day on Monday she couldn’t really eat – so I just fed her what she wanted to eat, such as rice, edamame, and boiled egg, and apples for dessert. She ate everything slowly but gratefully, and I could see she was on the mend and was able to go back to school the next day. I asked her what I could pack for her bento the following day, and she asked me to pack exactly the same food as today, so that’s what she got.

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Off sick day bento (6/Sep/16)

Our daughter got some fever and coughs after going swimming on Monday. I thought it was due to some fatigue, but her temperature did not go down in the morning unfortunately. She must stay home, but I’ve got some problem. I go to this kimono lesson on Tuesdays while she’s at school, and it happened to be the finalM lesson of the current course when the instructor hands out the completion certificate. I wanted to go, and our poor girl seemed ok despite the fever, so I called my dad, who is now retired and studying for the license for a real estate specialist (don’t ask why), for a help. Luckily he was available to look after our girl for a few hours, so I made bento for both of them so that they could eat the packed lunches while I’m gone.

Menu: Grilled salmon (marinated in shio-koji) rice, Coleslaw, Spinach omelet, Cherry tomato

Grape jelly for dessert

My dad ate it all, but my sick girl didn’t touch anything… except for the jelly, which I didn’t prepare… That’s how it goes in life, isn’t it?