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Kindergarten bento – Yummy fish (28/Oct/16)

Menu: Grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel) marinated in saikyo miso, Asparagus bacon roll, Cucumber sticks, Boiled egg, Cherry tomato, Rice with goma-konbu 

Mandarin “mikan” and banana for dessert

The grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel), marinated in sweet Saikyo miso, was the leftover from our daughter’s dinner last night. When she ate the fish yesterday she shouted in joy, “Mmmmm! Mama, you make yummy fish!” Only she was unaware all I did was to grill the fish… I cheated and bought the filets that had already been marinated… 

Gomenne ✨🙏✨

Kindergarten bento – Fishy morning (24/Oct/16)

Menu: Grilled salmon on rice, Tofu & seaweed powder omelet, Cabbage & tuna salad, Boiled okura, Cherry tomatoes

Kiwi & western pear for dessert 

When I grill fish, I normally use our fish grill embedded in our gas stove. This morning was the same, I put a glass of water in the fish grill pan (so the fish stays moist not dry), placed two filets of salmon on top of the fish grill net and closed the cover. Put the heat in medium-high, waited 5 minutes or so to cook one side, and flipped the filets, waited for another 5 minutes or so to cook the other side. Everything was going just fine, but maybe because the heat was a little higher than usual as I was in a rush or I put too little water, a small amount of smoke started to emerge. When this happens, believe me that the entire apartment starts smelling very, very, fishy, even if you open the windows or turn up your ventilation to full speed. Although I immediately turned the heat down and saved my precious salmon filet (came out nicely even), the smell inevitably stayed. An hour on, I can still smell the trace of smoky fishy smell in my kitchen, hair and clothes😂

My beloved fish grill🐟