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Kindergarten bento – Burnt again (11/Sep/17)

Grilled fish in saikyo-miso (Kyoto-style sweetened miso) marinade. 

Due to the marinade containing sugar, I always end up burning a fillet of fish in the morning, and today was no exception. I try to put the heat of the fish grill to minimum, but if I place my mind elsewhere for just a quick moment, it just always gets burnt. I scraped off the burnt skin off of the fillet and packed it in the bento box.  My daughter, used to this ordeal by now, emptied her bento without complaint.

Menu: Grilled “Sawara” Spanish mackerel in saikyo-miso marinade, Boiled green beans, Potato salad, Rice with black sesame sprinkle

Apple bunnies for dessert

Kindergarten bento – Yummy fish (28/Oct/16)

Menu: Grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel) marinated in saikyo miso, Asparagus bacon roll, Cucumber sticks, Boiled egg, Cherry tomato, Rice with goma-konbu 

Mandarin “mikan” and banana for dessert

The grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel), marinated in sweet Saikyo miso, was the leftover from our daughter’s dinner last night. When she ate the fish yesterday she shouted in joy, “Mmmmm! Mama, you make yummy fish!” Only she was unaware all I did was to grill the fish… I cheated and bought the filets that had already been marinated… 

Gomenne ✨🙏✨