Kindergarten bento – Fried chicken (2/Sep/16)

Menu: Fried chicken, boiled broccoli, Cherry tomatoes, Steamed pumpkin, Rice with furikake

Finally, our little girl’s kindergarten resumed for the second term in the Japanese school year, and so did my daily bento making.

Our daughter doesn’t like chunks of meat, so I diced the fried chicken and put it in her lunch today. For fried chicken, I marinated the bite sized chicken thighs in the sake, soy sauce, and mirin mixture (1,2,3 proportion just like nikudon) plus grounded ginger, then tossed them in katakuriko, potato starch, and shallow fried them in coconut oil. 
I like using katakuriko for fried chicken. It always make the batter very crispy😎

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