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Another dinner for two

Today’s menu:

Tricolor Donburi (“soboro” chicken crumble/scrambled egg/green beans)

Miso soup (with cabbage, carrot, spring onion & potato)

Pumpkin in dashi broth

Okra/cucumber/Wakame seaweed in vinegar sauce

Click here for chicken soboro recipe

Gulp! Someone is missing out something delicious tonight.

Kindergarten bento – Wakame rice (13/Mar/17)

Menu: Wakame rice (with jako fish & sesame), Stewed veggies & chicken, Boiled broccoli, Boiled egg, Cherry tomato

Apple & banana for dessert

Wakame is one of many different  seaweeds we eat in Japan, and one of most popular ones. The wakame  I used today comes in a package dried and seasoned with salt, so all you need to do is to quickly mix a sprinkle of it into freshly cooked rice. I added jako fish and sesame for extra taste, nutrition and colour. 

This is the one I used

Kindergarten bento – Burnt fish (6/Feb/17)

Menu: Grilled Sawara (Spanish mackerel) in saikyo-miso, Tomato omelet, Steamed broccoli, Cucumber sticks, Wakame seaweed rice

Apple for dessert

While I was at the kitchen preparing her bento in a rush, my ever so grumpy daughter demanded that I come to her room to help her put on her school uniform. “Not Papa, Mama. I want Mama!”

I must admit that it’s a little flattering that someone so wants me, but in a busy morning it can also be quite annoying. The outcome of that this morning was a burnt Spanish mackerel.

bento for the little one (grilled cod 29/mar/16)

menu: grilled cod “saikyo” style,  omelet, steamed broad beans, tomato, wakame seaweed & tofu salad 

fresh apple for dessert

 grilled cod fish marinated with “saikyo” miso paste. i grilled the fish perfectly for LO’s packed lunch, but totally burnt it for our dinner the same evening 😭 

since the saikyo miso paste is quite sweet it is prone to get burnt easily. I was multi tasking when grilling the fish for dinner, which wasn’t a very good idea…

wakame seaweed is one of LO’s favorite things to eat. it’s semi-dried, and you soak it in water for a few minutes and cut into bite size pieces before serving. it’s not that fishy (to me but i’m japanese), and not chewy, either. it’s full in mineral, and it’s said to be keep your hair nice and shiny.