Kindergarten bento – Rice + Nori seaweed (7/Feb/17)

Menu: Shirasu & wakana rice with nori seaweed on top, Steamed pumpkin with chicken soboro, Broccoli omelet, Cherry tomato

Strawberry & banana for dessert

Rice + nori seaweed = the taste of onigiri

I just don’t have time to make onigiri in the morning, hence it’s in the box.


  1. I was looking through some of your entries and noticed that you use a lot of eggs! I didn’t know whether this was a Japanese custom or personal preference, so I googled it, and one source claims that Japan had the highest egg consumption per capita in the world (several years ago). I wonder if this is still the case, but very interesting! Did you know that?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. No I didn’t know that, so interesting!

      We do eat a lot of eggs in Japan if I think about it, even raw (usually eat it by pouring beaten raw egg on freshly cooked rice with a dash of soy sauce. Our divine comfort food). We have an easy access to fresh eggs and almost never get exposed to salmonella. It’s something to do with high level of food safety regulation apparently, similar to the one for fresh sashimi fish.

      Also I use eggs almost everyday for my daughter’s bento as it serves as a great filler for an empty space. The same reason I use broccoli😉

      1. Absolutely! Your blog has been very inspiring—I’ve been reading for some time. Your daughter is very lucky! 🙂

        Also, that’s very interesting to know that it’s okay to eat fresh eggs in Japan. I know some people who still do that (fresh egg on hot rice) but I am pretty sure that here (Canada) it’s still a risk.

      2. I heard from my Japanese friends abroad that when they want to eat fresh raw eggs they have to go to an organic grocery store or a chicken farm. That’s a lot of trouble indeed compared to here. I must say we are quite lucky when it comes to fresh eggs!

        Again thank you so much for your insight. Would love to hear more if you notice anything!

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