bento for the little one (hijiki & salmon variation 23/feb/16)

menu: hijiki rice with egg crumble on top, potato, spinach & salmon salad, broccoli & cherry tomato

strawberries & yogurt for dessert


today’s bento consists of a couple of variations from previous recipes. hijiki rice is literally just hijiki mixed with freshly cooked rice, and i put egg crumbles (scramble egg made into very small pieces) on top to give it a nice bright colour and a little bit of sweet taste.
the salad is with boiled potato cut into bite size, tossed with grilled salmon flakes (the same as salmon rice) & chopped boiled spinach (froze it before) with a pinch of salt and a quick drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

it’s an example of another easy, quick but very colorful & cheerful bento for our little one.

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