bento for the little one (grilled sawara, japanese spanish mackerel 23/feb/16)

menu: grilled sawara, japanese spanish mackerel marinated with saikyo miso paste, ham & tomato omelet, steamed broccoli, boiled potato

fresh apple for dessert

Today’s main dish is grilled sawara, so called Japanese Spanish Mackerel (no idea where the combination of Japanese and Spanish came from…), marinated with special miso paste from Kyoto called “saikyo (sai = west, kyo = capital” miso. It is quite sweet compared to regular miso, and is used primarily in the Kyoto region as its name suggests.

I bought a couple of slices of sawara at the supermarket and marinated them with saikyo miso at home overnight. I heard it’s better to leave them for 2 days in the marinade, but overnight was good enough especially for the little one (otherwise it may get too salty for kids’ taste buds I think). The next morning I grilled them in our fish grill, 4-5 minutes on each side in low heat. The tip is to remove the marinade from the fish fillets and grill them in low heat, because the saikyo miso is sweetened and prone to get burnt easily. This marinade can be used for other types of fish also, such as cod, salmon, etc.

It’s one of our little one’s favorite dish, and so is mine!


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