Kindergarten bento – A bit more effort (25 & 26/May/17)

Unlike my “tenuki” bento the other day, I put some more effort in my daily bento making in the following days, using mostly freshly prepared ingredients.

The downside of this was an extremely short breakfast for me for both mornings, gulping coffee and  toast standing up still in my pyjamas, while my husband & daughter were having their breakfast calmly and gracefully at the dining table, fully dressed and all…


Menu: Boiled chicken fillet flakes tossed with sautéed spinach, Steamed pumpkin, Broccoli omelet, Sliced cucumber salad, Rice with steamed carrot. Grapes for dessert


Menu: Simmered sword fish, Stirfried potato, spinach & bacon, Boiled okra, Cucumber sticks, Cherry tomatoes. Apple mousse & banana for dessert

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