Kindergarten bento – Fishmonger (1/Mar/17)

Menu: Grilled Madai fish marinated in moromi miso, Nikujaga (stewed pork, potato & carrot), Nira (Chinese chives) omelet, Cucumber & tomato salad

Kiwi & banana for dessert

Today’s fish is bought from the fishmonger who comes to our apartment building in a small pickup truck with a customised glass fridge and a plastic roof on top. This used to be common, but these days we rarely come across this type of ‘moving shops’ any longer.

He is a friendly elderly man in his mid 70’s, always does a great sales pitch with his thick Tohoku (North-Eastern Japan) accent. He’s been coming to us for the past six months or so, and he now even calls me on my mobile phone to announce his arrival at our front lobby on every Wednesday morning. His fish are always fresh, reasonable and tasty. But most of all, his charming character makes this whole experience special, reminding me of good old days Japan where things were more personal.

I greatly appreciate his presence in our neighborhood. He, together with his fish truck, adds a bit more reality in the otherwise quite inorganic cold concrete jungle. I hope this will continue. I hope he will keep coming back and let us continue to have this amazing traditional social interaction in our everyday life.

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