Kindergarten bento – Frozen sawara (13/Jan/16)

Menu: Grilled Sawara (Spanish mackerel) in saikyo-miso, Cherry tomato/broccoli omelet, Green beans, Stewed chicken & veggies

Strawberries for dessert

Today’s Sawara fish came from our freezer. I just threw it into the fish grill frozen, and after 8 minutes or so, it revived itself to this beautifully golden brown grilled filet (and admittedly a bit burnt as well…). Marinated frozen fish is highly useful for my daily bento preparation, and I always keep a few filets in our freezer. The downside is the washing up the fish grill afterwards… Saikyo-miso marinade contains sugar and thus tend to get burnt quite easily, especially when you are multitasking and not paying good attention to your fish grill. Today was no exception, and I had a joy of scrubbing the stainless steel fish net.

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