Kindergarten bento – Taste of autumn (26/Sep/16)

Menu: Assorted mushrooms cooked with rice, Steamed sweet potato with tori-soboro, Spinach omelet, Cucumber & cherry tomato

Apple wedges for dessert

Autumn…. Season for mushrooms…. I love mushrooms for their strong earthy flavour and their fleshy texture. In Japan there are various types of mushroom such as shiitake, enoki, maitaké, shimeji, eringi… All come with different flavour, shape and texture. I put all of these in the Japanese earthware pan and cooked rice with them, with a little bit of seasoning. It came out very well, BUT, our daughter doesn’t like mushrooms… not yet. So for the packed lunch today, I put only teeny tiny bits of mushrooms that’s not even visible in rice, hoping she’d at least get used to the flavour and eventually show her liking. I’ll be crossing my fingers!

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