Kindergarten bento – Corn omelet (13/Jun/16)

Menu: Corn omelet, Grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel) with saikyo-miso, Steamed pumpkin, Cherry tomato/Avocado/Spinach salad, wakana rice

Japanese cherries for dessert

Corns are in season. Today, I added steamed corns in an omelet (corn pieces sliced off of the core). The crunchiness and sweetness of the corns go very well with the mild taste of the egg – one of those very kids-friendly menus I’m sure.

Usually it takes 7-8 minutes to steam a large corn (with one or two layers of the skin still attached). When in a hurry, I also use microwave – in this case rinse a corn (again with the skin), wrap it around in a plastic wrap, and heat it up in 700W microwave for  3 – 4 minutes.

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