bento for the little one (tricolor bento for me and mini mi 10/May/16)

Menu: Chicken mince tricolor bento, steamed broccoli, cherry tomato, simmered pumpkin in dashi broth

Our LO started going to her kindergarten in April and today was supposed to be her first official school picnic with her new classmates and their parent/s… but of course it was postponed because of the rain… and of course it was decided at the last minute, and I ended up preparing our packed lunch that was not really necessary… (the regular class ends at 11:40am for the time being, that is part of “adjusting” period for the little ones). And of course by that time the sun started shining, so with some friends we went for a voluntary picnic in the near by playground.

All turned around to be very nice at the end, as we say in Japanese, “終わり良ければ全て良し /owari yokereba subete yoshi (All’s well that ends well)”


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