bento for the little one (macaroni with tomato sauce 5/feb/16)

menu: macaroni with tomato sauce, mashed sweet potato with chicken mince, boiled egg, broccoli

fresh strawberries for dessert

LO loves any kind of pasta, but her absolute favorite is the one with tomato sauce. i make tomato sauce with only 3 ingredients – cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. just toss the 3 ingredients into a pan, simmer it until tomatoes get watery, for 8 minutes or so.  with any pasta of your choice, you’ll be surprised how tasty it can be with such simple recipe.

depending on the side dishes, i make sure to add chopped spinach or some other veg, as well as either tuna, chicken or bacon in the sauce, so that LO gets enough nutrients from a meal. but today i kept it simple, as there were already enough protain and vitamins in the side dishes.

LO loves sprinkling parmiggiano on her pasta, so i put a tiny container of grated parmiggiano in her bento box, which i thought was very cute. she seemed to have enjoyed it, too 🙂

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