sunny saturday – 2 weeks after the earthquake

it is 26th of march 2011. it is a beautiful sunny, a little windy saturday in tokyo. i’m sitting at our dining table as i write this diary, thinking how calm and peaceful the city feels. looking out the window, i see the bright sunshine shining through the windows, warming up our apartment, my body, my skin, my soul.

japan update:

– the relief aid is ongoing in the north. all over japan, many families have volunteered to host the affected people at their own home.

– people are very cooperative for saving the electricity usage. it is quite dark wherever you go, such as shops, restaurants, metros, etc., which reminds me of my time in europe. i think japanese people finally realised how much energy had been wasted in the past.

– the nuclear reactor issues are still unresolved, but are continuously monitored and handled by the brave workers risking their own lives.

– the contamination of food, water, milk, etc. around fukushima remains to be a major concern for us. i read the news somewhere saying that the government is considering to buying out all the contaminated food from the affected farms to protect their business.

– thankfully the guideline to warn not to give tap water to infants has been lifted by the government. i am drinking tap water.

sitting in the quiet apartment on my own, it makes me feel that it is another normal, peaceful saturday. tonight, instead of checking news on the internet or on tv, i will play some music as i cook chinese for dinner (麻婆豆腐, mabo-tofu), then take a hot bath, then watch a film on our cable and stay in.

just like any cozy saturday evening could be.

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