invisible threat – water

it is 24th of march 2011, 14th day since the earthquake. we came back from hong kong 3 days ago, and have been feeling an aftershock quite frequently since then. sadly enough, we are used to it by now, and what scares us more is the continuous threat from the nuclear reactor.

yesterday the japanese government announced that the tap water in tokyo was found out to be contaminated with radioactive iodine. according to the news report, the level of radiation in the city water does not affect the adults nor children, but may affect infants who drink formula or eat baby food made with the water. as soon as the news was released, the bottled water in shops disappeared (which i think is a quite natural human reaction, being part of a self defense mechanism).

opening the tap in our kitchen today, a beautiful stream of transparent water started to flow.

growing up in a super modern & developed country like japan, it is hard for us to believe that water may be dangerous to you. the threat is totally invisible. no strange colour, no weird smell, no odd taste. how can we explain to small children that the water is threatening without scaring them too much? or should we just go ahead and scare them and teach them that the potable water is no longer potable because of whatever the difficult explanation of the nuclear power which even grownups like us can’t understand? is that a consequence of our cutting-edge technology?

the ceaseless problems occurring from the nuclear power plant are simply sad and mentally exhausting.

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