dishes i don’t cook

– bucatini con pomodorini e origano
– spaghetti al limone
– penne carbonara
– spaghetti alle vongole in bianco

these are some of the dishes i don’t cook. these dishes are the specialties of my husband’s, which he learned from this nice cookbook called “the river cafe cookbook” from a very famous italian restaurant in london.

it is like an unspoken rule between us that i wouldn’t dare touch them, as we both agree that it is the best this way so that we can avoid any feeling of rivalry between us (i.e. “who can make it better?” kind of remarks, which is very petty i know, but can be a critical cause of a big fallout). also, i realise that it is really nice from time to time that someone else stands in the kitchen and cooks something for you.

what i find very charming is that each time he cooks these dishes, he has to go back to the recipe even if he has made them numerous times in the past. every time he glares at the cookbook and follow the procedure very precisely or i should rather say very loyally (he worships the food there), concentrating very hard as if there is absolutely nothing else which can disturb him at the very moment.

i love to watch him cook. my favorite time of a day.

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