Kindergarten bento – Steamed veggies (25/Nov/16)

Menu: Steamed cabbage, carrot and daikon radish, Bicolour bento (tori-soboro & scrambled egg), Baba-hamu-kyuri

Bunny shaped apple for dessert

As part of bento preparation, I strongly recommend “steaming” certain types of vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, etc., that are usually used for soup. By steaming these vegetables, you not only keep their nutrients more compared to boiling, but also can bring out sweet flavour from the ingredients more distinctively. In addition you can eat a greater amount than eating fresh vegetables (softer texture and easier digestion). My daughter loves steamed vegetables and enthusiastically eats them without any seasoning. Ever since I started serving her the vegetables this way, I also started eating them like her without any oil or dressing. It’s like rediscovering the long lost flavour that I used to enjoy as a young child. Great for your diet also! 

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