Kindergarten bento – Recycled soup (11/Nov/16)

Menu: Sweet potatos simmered in udon noodle soup, Corn omelet, Steamed broccoli, Rice with goma-konbu, Steamed flower carrot

Mandarin mikan for dessert

The weather is getting winter-like over here in Tokyo with cold rain and icy wind, which makes you crave for some warm winter dish for dinner. Last evening I cooked warm udon noodles with chicken, spring onion and hakusai cabbage in dashi broth, with salt, sake and mirin for seasoning. It turned into this beautifully opaque soup, which was perfect for thick, long, snow-white udon noodles. There was this sweet potato I had roasted in the toaster earlier, so I tossed the diced potatoes into the leftover soup and simmered them for a while.

Ta-da, here is a smartly recycled yet tasty dish for our daughter’s bento.

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