Kindergarten bento – Niku don (11/Jul/16)

Menu: Niku-don, Hijiki, Tomato omelet, Steamed broccoli & potato, Edamame

Nectarine for dessert

This past Saturday I joined a farewell party of my very good friend, which started off at a posh champagne bar in the centre of Tokyo. It was a ladies’ night out, and we all beautifully dressed up for the night to celebrate the new phase of our dear friend’s life in style. In fact I hadn’t gone out like that for weeks, agh, months, to be out at night in a sexy attire without my husband, to be a little self-conscious, energised and excited (and of course a little sad for my friend’s departure). It was great to spend time with a group of nice, witty, smart, beautiful women, and with the magical power of bubbly drink we carried on to the next trendy bar followed by another. It was way past my bedtime, and by the time I came home there was only four hours left until our active daughter would wake up in the morning to demand her breakfast. The next day I was unavoidably knackered but tried my very best to carry out my Mummy duty with my eyes half open the entire day. What a difference from the glamorous soiree the night before.

This morning I was still quite tired from the night out, but managed to get myself out of bed and fixed up this packed lunch in my auto pilot mode. Niku-don can be marinated in 5 minutes while the omelet is being cooked. Hijiki, broccoli and edamame are all leftovers from the weekend. Another new week has started, with already a distant memory of my adulthood pleasure. I appreciate the contrast; that’s what makes the life interesting and fulfilling, and the sight of our little girl’s bento makes it even more special and real.

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