kindergarten bento – Fried rice (1/July/16)

Menu: Fried rice (jako, spring onion & ‘aonori‘ seaweed powder), Pumpkin & sautéed veal slice, Cucumber & edamame salad, Boiled egg, Cherry tomato

Grapes for dessert


When there is some leftover rice in the fridge, I tend to make fried rice out of it. Cold leftover rice needs to be reheated prior to being put into a bento box, for good taste and texture. If you don’t heat it up the rice gets crumbly and doesn’t taste so good, hence frying. Today I used leftover jako, semi dried small fish, along with chopped spring onion and aonori, green seaweed powder to give extra flavour.

The pumpkin and veal slice are also leftover from the evening before. I didn’t intend to mix the two, but that was the only way our daughter ate veal for dinner. Hope it’ll work today, too.

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