bento for the little one (penne con melanzane, pollo e pomodirini 2/mar/16)

menu: penne con melanzane, pollo e pomodirini (penne with aubergine, chicken and cherry tomatoes), mashed potato and spinach salad, tofu and cucumber salad

kiwi fruits and yogurt for dessert

the dinner leftover from the evening before for LO’s bento today. when she came home from daycare she said to me, “mama, i didn’t like the zucchini in the pasta. please don’t put it in anymore” but she did eat it all under the peer pressure i believe. she has a tendency for not liking this squishy texture of aubergines and zucchini. i love these vegetables and want to come up with a recipe that would help our LO get over her dislike.

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