bento for the little one (oh no! hardly any ingredients in the fridge! 15/mar/16)

menu: wakana (young green leaves) rice, egg & cucumber salad, chicken mince with mashed sweet potato, cherry tomato

diced fruits salad for dessert


we had a miserable day yesterday, accompanied by wet & cold weather and a few tantrums by the little one. as a result i totally forgot to buy groceries for bento for the next day. in the morning i thought i might have to buy a lunch box at a convenience store in our neighborhood, but managed to whip something up with only few ingredients i had left in our fridge/freezer.

i used dry onigiri mix (that comes in a packet) for the rice, and put a sheet of boris bear shaped nori seaweed (also comes in a packet) on top of it to cheer up otherwise a rather depressing bento box…😅

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