zyliss garlic press

this garlic press from zyliss (swiss brand) absolutely excels any other garlic press/crusher i have ever used. after failing with 3 other garlic presses/crushers, i can tell how smartly designed this one is, paying attention to all the small details i wanted, from the easy pressing of garlic cloves to the cleaning up residual garlic peels (which tends to get very bothersome).

as shown in the image above, the zyliss garlic press has a pressing head attached to the main body and is made with strong plastic. this design feature prevents the head from breaking or deformed. the other garlic press i used to use was made with stainless steel and had a detachable head, which was good for washing but eventually got broken when i forced to press a little bigger garlic clove than intended.

and you see this blue thingy which is attached inside the handle?

this detachable attachment actually serves as a cleaning brush, which has exactly the same dot pattern as the head, allowing the washing of the head amazingly easy. all you have to do is to insert the brush into the head a couple of times, and rinse it thoroughly. you don’t have to use your fingers or nails or other washing sponge at all, enabling your hands to keep nice & clean. no more smelly fingers after cooking!

i am very happy with the zyliss garlic press and can definitely recommend it.

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