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last night i was trying to look up some recipe on the internet for an italian dish and came across this amazing blog called by a swiss gentleman. the blog is about food & cooking – the theme may not be so unique these days (well, mine included), but his blog is something totally special from any other food blogs that i have ever encountered.

what is so special about it? perhaps it is the diversity of his recipes, the quality of all the photos (his kitchen looks like a photo studio), his nice & beautiful kitchen utensils, the attention to details, the preciseness of his explanations, the fact that the recipes are translated into 4 different languages (my gosh), his passion and interests to different types of cuisines, the consistency of his themes, etc. etc…. browsing through his blog, i realised that he’s even been here in japan, enrolled in a cooking class for soba noodles, visited a craft centre for japanese knives, went shopping at a famous kitchen tool street called 合羽橋 (kappabashi). and he is not even a professional cook, but is working in finance/legal sector… just incredible.

going through his blog, i felt as if i bumped into a long lost friend, with whom i used to share my childhood in the past. maybe it is because we share something in common, even if it is over the cyber space. it is funny to get caught by this feeling of nostalgia from someone i have never met.


    1. Thank YOU! You are my hero!

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