a newcomer – water from canada

due to the ongoing problem of the nuclear reactors in fukushima, there have been some concerns on contaminated water and food products also in tokyo. taking precautions, we have hired a water dispenser and are buying gallons of spring water from a company called canadian springs (its distribution agency happens to be located in our neighbourhood in tokyo).

we are using the spring water for drinking mainly, and sometimes mixing it with the tap water for cooking. it is a little more expensive than japanese mineral water, but we wanted to avoid buying the water locally so that the locally supplied water can go to those people who are in need much more than us (small babies and children, pregnant mothers, etc.).

until now, neither my husband nor myself ever thought of having the water delivered at home from a foreign country. in fact, i would have thought that it was such a ridiculous idea to buy water from overseas, have i not experienced the threat of radiation from the nuclear plant. however, the presence of the water dispenser filled with clean, safe water at home is definitely reassuring under the circumstances.

i am still a bit sad though. the water in japan used to be extremely clean that we never had to face the danger of using the tap water. natural spring water in the countryside being so clean that it could be drunk directly from the stream. i believe it still is clean in most of the areas except for the proximity to the affected areas and metropolitan areas, but what if it is not? the risk is there.

i wonder how long it will take for the threat to be vanished. a year? 2 years? 10 years? or it could be a lifetime.

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