peugeot pepper mill

through my experience, i have learnt to invest in good kitchen utensils for good food.

one of my smart purchases is a pepper mill from the french brand, peugeot.

“paris” series, adjustable, 30cm, natural

in fact, it took me a few failures to get to this pepper mill. i once bought a mill with stainless steel body, but its screw part always got too loose, and there were my finger prints all over afterwards. another one with plastic body was worse, as the pepper corns used to get stuck before coming out from the bottom part which made me very mad (cooking can be quite intense)…

for a long time, for some odd reason, i avoided the peugeot. i used to think its shape was too ordinary and its brand image reminded me of something masculine instead of homely (not sure if this peugeot is the same as the car peugeot…). but once i started using it, these stereotypes got blown away immediately. the shape must have been cleverly designed to fit to your hands, and its strong grinding feature must have been a result of careful research & development. and the wooden body gave our cold stainless steel kitchen a great sense of organic comfort.

to make it even more special, the model i bought has an adjuster for the grinding size.

if you are looking for a pepper mill, i definitely recommend this one.

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