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Kindergarten bento – Getting cheeky (4/Oct/17)

Our daughter doesn’t like sausages. As a parent, maybe I should rather be grateful, but sausages are handy for bento, since it’s so easy to prepare (either just boil, lightly fry or microwave it). 

She is turning 5 next month, and is getting cleverer and cleverer each day. Today, she claims she “accidentally” dropped the sausage in her bento, and didn’t have to eat it as a result.

I just can’t wait for her to turn to be a teenager.

Menu: Lightly fried sausage, Nira (garlic chives) omelet, Boiled okra, Grilled cod marinated in saikyo-miso, Steamed carrot slices, Rice
Apple bunnies for dessert

Kindergarten bento – Burnt again (11/Sep/17)

Grilled fish in saikyo-miso (Kyoto-style sweetened miso) marinade. 

Due to the marinade containing sugar, I always end up burning a fillet of fish in the morning, and today was no exception. I try to put the heat of the fish grill to minimum, but if I place my mind elsewhere for just a quick moment, it just always gets burnt. I scraped off the burnt skin off of the fillet and packed it in the bento box.  My daughter, used to this ordeal by now, emptied her bento without complaint.

Menu: Grilled “Sawara” Spanish mackerel in saikyo-miso marinade, Boiled green beans, Potato salad, Rice with black sesame sprinkle

Apple bunnies for dessert

Kindergarten bento – Fishy (22/May/17)

My daughter loves fish, and I love that she does. But every time she eats her bento with fish, she comes home with fishy smelling uniform. I wish fish doesn’t smell so much, but I guess that’s not quite possible…

Menu: Grilled Spanish mackerel in saikyo-miso, Leftover salad (cucumber, daikon radish & radicchio), Plain omelet, Boiled asparagus, Goma-konbu on rice
Apple & strawberries for dessert

Kindergarten bento – Frozen sawara (13/Jan/16)

Menu: Grilled Sawara (Spanish mackerel) in saikyo-miso, Cherry tomato/broccoli omelet, Green beans, Stewed chicken & veggies

Strawberries for dessert

Today’s Sawara fish came from our freezer. I just threw it into the fish grill frozen, and after 8 minutes or so, it revived itself to this beautifully golden brown grilled filet (and admittedly a bit burnt as well…). Marinated frozen fish is highly useful for my daily bento preparation, and I always keep a few filets in our freezer. The downside is the washing up the fish grill afterwards… Saikyo-miso marinade contains sugar and thus tend to get burnt quite easily, especially when you are multitasking and not paying good attention to your fish grill. Today was no exception, and I had a joy of scrubbing the stainless steel fish net.

Holiday-Bazaar bento (5/Dec/16)

Today and tomorrow, I am out during the day to exhibit at a charity bazaar at an international school near by. I don’t know if I’d ever mentioned here, but I promote Japanese art and craft as my part time job. At the bazaar this time, I am representing a Japanese ink artist, and we are selling some of her accessories such as scarves and greeting cards, along with a few artwork pieces from her accessible range of collection. 

Anyway, it’s Monday today, but my daughter’s kindergarten happens to be closed as a substitute holiday for this “art exhibition” they had had at the kindergarten on last Saturday. I totally missed this important piece of information when I registered for the bazaar… Oops. What do I do with her while I’m out? I can’t take her to the bazaar as I wouldn’t be able to focus on the sales, and I cannot put her to daycare because it costs a fortune. The same for babysitters. My husband of course has to work, and my mum (the most reliable person when it comes to babysitting my daughter) couldn’t change her work shifts. After a moment of panic I surrendered and called my dad for help. He is semi-retired and has plenty of time free, but he is an old type and has almost no capability to take care of a child, let alone our super active 4 year old, and himself also perhaps. But I considered he should be able to spend a few hours with a little girl if I prepare everything for them in advance. I’m sure nothing disastrous would happen. I’d just have to accept some chocolate and icecream stains on my little girl’s sweater later today.

So here it is, I made a bento for my daughter on a holiday along with a bento for my dad so that they wouldn’t starve during my absence.

Menu: Grilled sawara fish marinated in saikyo-miso, Tofu omelet, Stir-fried spinach & bacon, Boiled green beans, Cherry tomato, Rice

Apple for dessert to share

* Just to give my dad some credit, he successfully completed his first mission to babysit his granddaughter. Thank you Jiji (‘grandpa’ in Japanese)!

Kindergarten bento – New bento box (22/Nov/16)

Our daughter turned 4 today. As part of her birthday celebration I used a new bento box this morning.  The picture on the lid of the other bento box got washed off half way and was looking ugly, so we replaced it with the one with no picture on the lid from the beginning. Since she still cannot really read, I just put a post-it note cut out in heart shape with the number “4” in gold on it. Hope she’ll get the message☺️

Menu: Grilled Menuki fish marinated in saikyo-miso, Komatsuna omelet, Boiled green beans, Cherry tomato, Rice with black sesame

Kaki (persimmon) for dessert