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Kindergarten bento – Busy morning (17/Oct/16)

Menu: Tori-soboro (chicken crumble) variation with chopped veggies and tofu, Roasted sweet potato, Goma-konbu, Baba-hamu-kyuri

Green grapes for dessert

Having some guests over the weekend. I didn’t have time for grocery shopping for bento making on Monday. Whipped up this packed lunch box using the ingredients stored in our pantry/fridge/freezer. Not too bad! 

bento for the little one (tori-soboro, chicken crumble variation 4/apr/16)

menu: tori-soboro (chicken crumble) on spinach rice, asparagus, cucumber & ham salad, tomato omelet

apple mousse and yogurt for dessert


tori-soboro, chicken crumble, is a suitable and popular recipe among children for packed lunches. in one of my earlier posts, it was introduced as “tricolor bento (recipe attached for tori-soboro)“. it can be frozen after being prepared and kept for a few weeks, which becomes especially handy when there is no other protein in the fridge. i sometimes mix it into mashed potato or pumpkin, which makes a excellent side dish. 

today i served tori-soboro on top of spinach rice (boiled spinach, drained well, chopped and extra water squeeze out well, mixed into freshly cooked white rice). the bright green not only adds a nice springy touch in the bento box but also matches nicely with the soysauce based chicken crumble and is great for extra nutrition for the little one.  

side dishes