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Kindergarten bento – Komatsuna rice (12/Dec/16)

Menu: Komatsuna (boiled, chopped) mixed in rice with sesame sprinkle, Grilled salmon marinated in saikyo-miso, Omelet with ao-mori powder, Cherry tomato

Mandarin mikan for dessert

I heard somewhere that komatsuna can be even more nutritious than spinach. Our daughter always eats it if it’s mixed with something else, so today I mixed it in freshly cooked rice. Sesame sprinkle on top.

Kindergarten bento – New bento box (22/Nov/16)

Our daughter turned 4 today. As part of her birthday celebration I used a new bento box this morning.  The picture on the lid of the other bento box got washed off half way and was looking ugly, so we replaced it with the one with no picture on the lid from the beginning. Since she still cannot really read, I just put a post-it note cut out in heart shape with the number “4” in gold on it. Hope she’ll get the message☺️

Menu: Grilled Menuki fish marinated in saikyo-miso, Komatsuna omelet, Boiled green beans, Cherry tomato, Rice with black sesame

Kaki (persimmon) for dessert

Kindergarten bento – No tomatoes! (20/Sep/16)

Menu: Tori-soboro (chicken crumble) on rice with chopped boiled komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), Corn omelet, Boiled green beans, Potato & bacon stir fry

Japanese “nashi” pear for dessert
Our daughter finally came out of her lingering cold, and today she proudly claimed she had finished everything in her bento box. We gave each other a high five, but as she put her hand down she demanded, “I wanted you to put a little bit of tomatoes in there!”. I usually put tomatoes to add a bit of flair to the otherwise a bit too brown lunch box, but today I intentionally kept her bento more understated, in a wabi sabi style, maybe due to the influence of my aunt’s beautiful traditional Japanese house in the mountains we visited this past weekend. The house was built completely by her husband who is a professional carpenter. The tranquility of its space and surroundings really takes your breath away. But my attempt didn’t seem to get conveyed to our little girl…well not just yet.

One of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever been to

A hint of autumn brought back from the mountains