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Kindergarten bento – Rice only bento (13/Jul/17)

Once a year around this time of the year, the oldest kids at my daughter’s school make Japanese style curry as a special in-school activity. As requested by her homeroom teacher, I only packed rice (and a bit of veggies & dessert) for her bento today. The kids will pour in their handmade curry to the empty space in their bento box. What a lovely idea, and next year, it’ll be my daughter & her friends turn.

Kindergarten bento – Curry (19/Jul/16)

Menu: Curry, Rice, Steamed broccoli

Apple wedges for dessert


No curry?! What’s up with that? 

Today at our daughter’s school, the older children has their first cooking activity, making Japanese curry for everyone and serving it for the younger ones. Our daughter’s homeroom teacher Miss N asked the parents to put only rice in the bento box (and some side dishes if we wish). That is why the half of her bento box is empty. 

It is endearing for me to picture the little ones being excited with the idea of eating something made by their older friends whom they admire dearly. As part of the ingredients, they apparently use some vegetables grown by themselves in the kindergarten field. I am grateful for this opportunity for the kids to experience the system of how the food is made and consumed. It is a great, maybe the best way to learn our culinary, dietary and dining culture all at the same time. 

I like making bento for our little girl, but I also enjoy this special break which provides her another element in the joy of eating.

bento for the little one (lotus root curry rice 3/feb/16)

menu: lotus root curry & rice, sliced veg salad, eggs & spinach salad

apple mousse & yogurt for dessert

last evening when i was about to cook i found renkon, lotus root, in our fridge that i had bought for some other dish but ended up not using. since i didn’t feel like cooking the dish i had originally planned, i made curry out of it (such a convenient and easy dish to prepare with a help of japanese-adapted curry roux). it turned out really nice, with the crunchy texture of renkon matching very well with the saucy spicy curry. i used chicken mince with it, which added roundness and depth to the flavour.