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Kindergarten bento – Bunny apple (23/Jan/17)

Menu: Kajiki nimono (simmered sword fish), Cucumber sticks, Sautéed spinach & bacon, Cherry tomato, Boiled egg

Bunny shaped apple for dessert 

After the bento today, my clever daughter asked me not to cut out the apple in bunny shape anymore, because the apple skin contains a lot of vitamin c and very healthy. 

Where did she get such information? It wasn’t from me and certainly not from my nutrition-oblivious husband. She is developing her own world view it seems!

Kindergarten bento – How to avoid apple from browning (2/Nov/16)

Menu: Grilled sawara (Spanish mackerel) in saikyo-miso, Boiled egg, Boiled green beans, Cherry tomato, Cucumber sticks, Rice and goma-konbu

Apple wedges for dessert

As you know the flesh of apples turn brown after a few minutes when exposed to air. This is due to oxdyzation, but there is a trick to stop it. Soak apple wedges in water with a pinch of salt.

Maybe it’s a common sense or one of those old grandmother’s tales, but I wanted to mention it here in case someone didn’t know about it. I asked my husband if he did, and he said yes but didn’t remember how. So there you go.