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Kindergarten bento – Japanese Worcester sauce (14/Mar/17)

Menu: Fried aji (horse mackerel) with Japanese Worcester sauce, Tomato & komatsuna omelet, Boiled broccoli, Goma-konbu, Rice

Apple mousse & banana for dessert

Leftover fried aji from last night’s dinner. 

I’m sure my daughter will eat the fried fish especially because it’s served with this tasty, irresistible Japanese Worcester sauce. The sauce is often used for deep fried fish and cutlets made with egg & bread crumbs (such as croquette and tonkatsu), and probably as popular in Japan as tomato ketchup if not more. It is much sweeter and starchy than the authentic Worcester sauce.

The one I have at home is from the most well known brand called “Bull-Dog,” and this product in particular has 50% less salt than the regular one. Maybe it’s just one of those marketing tricks, using more sugar or something alike instead of salt, as it tastes exactly the same… Well, let’s just believe it’s slightly healthier than the regular one, shall we?

Kindergarten bento – Fried aji (24/Jan/17)

Menu: Fried aji (horse mackerel), Sliced veggie salad, Spinach omelet, Rice with furikake sprinkle

Apple mousse & banana for dessert

Fried aji (horse mackerel) is one of the very useful dishes for bento. Today I marinate the filets of aji with sake, soy sauce and mirin (1:2:2 proportion) with ground ginger, tossed the marinated filets into katakuriko (片栗粉, potato starch) and shallow fried it. You could also cook the filet like you make cutlet, and serve them with Wooster sause. 

It’s easy to make and tasty!