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Kindergarten bento – pork roll (10/Jun/16)

Menu: pork roll with sliced carrots and scallion (negi), boiled potato & spinach salad, edamame, goma-shio (black sesame & salt) & yukari (seasoned Japanese shiso herb) on rice

Grapes for dessert


Today’s main course, pork roll, is called “niku (meat) maki (roll)” in Japanese. 

Very simple: prepare pork slices (sliced like carpaccio meat), thinly sliced carrots and scallion (negi) or any other sliced vegetable of your choice. Roll the veggies with a pork slice, and fry it in a frying pan. 
You can use olive oil to fry, pour white wine once the meat is golden brown for extra flavour, put the lid on, and once the meat is cooked add salt & pepper to taste. 

Alternatively, replace olive oil with vegetable oil, and white wine with sake. Once the meat is cooked add 1 tea spoon of soysauce and 2 tea spoons of mirin and toss the rolls to mix with the sauce.

Once cooked, cut the rolls in half for beautiful presentation.