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Kindergarten bento – Miss Picky (6/Mar/17)

Menu: Grilled chicken marinated in soysauce & honey, Spinach goma-ae, Goma-konbu, Tofu omelet, Cherry tomato, Rice

No dessert due to time constraint😓

As is always the case, I got distracted by my daughter while preparing her bento this morning and burnt the chicken. I cut off the burnt parts as much as possible, and above is the result (not too bad I thought).

Once my daughter came home, I opened her bento box for washing, and found the empty box except for the uneaten chicken dices (all of them). I asked her why she didn’t eat them, and she told me she didn’t want to because they tasted yucky.

I cannot force her to eat what she doesn’t like, but thought she was being a little too picky. I hope she won’t exploit this attitude on food. Well, I guess I will need to try not to burn anything for a while.