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poem – first christmas

this is the first christmas
we spend without you

nothing seems to have changed
except for one detail

we keep celebrating
just like when you were here

we don’t talk about it
no tears fit this joyous season

but we all know
each of us think of you

and we all have
the same thought in our mind

from now on
every event will be the first time without you

and every time

we wish you were still with us

poem – she misses you

“i’d tell you how much i’ve loved you
if only you could wake up again

farewell came so bluntly
and you went swiftly to your eternal sleep

i feel your presence all over the place
though you have flown away from my heart

dumstruck with the sense of weight
you have left in my mind

if you could wake up again
i would embrace
every moment
of our lives”


poem – the map of our life (lieve papa en mama)

you are the map of our life
thank you for always being there
whenever we need you

you are the map of our life
thank you for showing
different paths we can take

you are the map of our life
thank you for guiding us
when we get lost in the dark

you are the map of our life
thank you for letting us
choose our own way to proceed

our journey will continue
and you will always be in our heart
because you are
the map of our life

poem – untitled

an evil in me
   awaken by a sudden touch
   unexpected and uninvited
   something has shaken
an evil in me
   with a rage unable to resist
   unpredictable and inescapable
   something has flamed
an evil in me
   with a pain so hard to heal
   underestimated and overlooked
   words, gesture, silence
   absolutely nothing can tame
an evil in me

poem – written on 1/jan/09





he left saying
”not sure if i can make you happy”

many times, for a long time,
i blamed myself
wondering what i had done wrong


one day, one time,
met a man
who said

“i want to make you happy”


poem – reconciliation

with your unexpected words
flown from your heart
not sure why
you told me so

with your sincere gaze
flown out of your heart
not sure why
you did it so

gave us a perspective
that now
we can be friends

we go separate ways
feeling the warmth
flown into our hearts

poem – different perspectives

don’t live in a constant fear
but embrace the moment
said he

don’t let the past hold you back
but grasp what you have now
said he

don’t get trapped with the future that has not taken place
but live your life at present
said he

waste no time
life is too short
cherish it

our life, our soul, our love
no fear would do you good

live it
said he