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Kindergarten bento – Mini Hamburg steak (27/Oct/17)

Menu: Mini hamburg steak, Steamed veggie salad, Boiled egg, Rice with sesame sprinkle 

Kyoho grapes & Japanese Nashi pear for dessert

My daughter is not a big fan of meat. When she saw me mixing the hamburg pâté this morning (yes I made it in the morning – impressive for a sleepy head like me) she made a frowning face. But I told her I’m making “mini” hamburg, and she seemed satisfied with the remark. 

I used to be or still am fascinated with miniatures of everything – doll houses, a small kitchen set, miniature food samples… I think my daughter also enjoys looking at and playing with them. I’ll probably start cooking all the meat dishes in small bite sizes going forward!

Kindergarten bento – Tofu hamburg steak (17/Jun/16)

Menu: Tofu hamburg steak, potato/carrot/cucumber egg salad, broccoli and furikake on rice

Apple wedges for dessert 
Today’s main is tofu hamburg steak. Hamburg steak is a Western influenced Japanese dish which is one of the most popular dishes for children. It is based on tartar steak often eaten in a German city of Hamburg (apparently), and the mane is obviously derived from it. It is like meatloaf made of minced beef/pork (or mixed) but pan-fried instead of baked in the oven, and usually comes in oval shape. 

I made this dish the evening before for our dinner. I used the mixed beef & pork mince, put a bit of leftover tofu in the pâté for more volume and lower calories, along with chopped onion (fried until golden), beaten raw egg (to hold all the ingredients together) and salt & pepper to taste. You can’t really taste the tofu because the flavour of the meat is much stronger, but you can definitely feel it in its texture that is much lighter and airy. 

For the sauce, in the same pan as the steak, I poured in a table spoon of soysauce and maple syrup, and a bit of water (otherwise it’d become pasty) and bring to boil and thicken a bit. I’d put some herb next time, maybe chopped parsley.